Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changing Seasons

There is no way to ignore the changing of the seasons. They will come whether we are prepared or not. They will come even when we are wanting to hold on to the previous season just a little bit longer. I have always loved the changing of seasons. Let's be honest, I love change and often crave change.

Life's seasons also have a way of changing, like it or not. I am currently in the process of one of those changing seasons. The stirring of my heart has been happening for quite some time now. I knew God was preparing me for something new and different but was not quite sure what that would be. I began working on teacher recertification and looking at ways to get back into the community.

However, God knew what the change would be and was steadily preparing my heart. In case you have not heard, my grandmother is amazing. She loves Jesus, her family and others. She has reached a stage in her life where living alone is just not possible or safe. Deep within my heart I have always known that taking care of her would be an incredible blessing.

As we began to realize more and more it was time to make this decision, God continued to stir my heart in a way that I could not ignore. After much prayer and conversation with my family, we all agreed on a plan. I would move to Oklahoma City to live with my grandma. I have lots of family here and they have been taking care of her 24/7 while trying to work and care for families. I am honored and blessed to be able to spend this time with my grandma while helping my family.

I know this season will be filled with lots of good times and challenging times. I know that exhaustion will hit. I know we will laugh until we cry or just plain cry. I know that I will miss my family & friends in Tyler.

But there is nothing better than knowing you are right where God wants you, in the season of life that He has planned for you since before you were born and that is where I am today.


Kathryn said...

Love you sis! You have to keep up the blog so I know all the details of your life. I can't just stand at the top of the stairs (or sit in the living room if your volume is loud enough) and hear all of your conversations!

Julie Adams said...

It will be important to blog as you realize the growth you will see during this journey. You have come so far from only three years ago. Can you believe where you are in your walk today? Let your grandmother be a shining light and learn all you can from her.

Pleasant Living said...

You are a blessing, and I love you.

Martha said...

What a blessing for Grandma...and you. I am super glad you are able to make this life changing move. I wish I could be closer to help out and spend time with Grandma too. This is a wonderful opportunity for you both.

Minnie said...

I met you on a mission trip to mexico and you came into my life when i lost Nadia Faith. We do not see each other nor do we "chat", but i know one thing...I am for ever grateful that God, even though it was only for a season, let me meet one of HIS angels here on earth..YOU!! You have forever stamped my heart. you will always be a dear friend of mine..even though our time together was for a season.

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