Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beffy and Rach hit the Town!!!

My cousin Beth is a couple of years younger than me and such a dear friend. Growing up, we would play for hours... setting up a Barbie city around the house, playing babies, rollerblading and so much more.

As we have grown older, I am so thankful for her friendship. Thankful for someone to talk to when things in life are not going so well. Thankful for times of laughter (literally about nothing at all). Thankful for her love for life and for other people.

Needless to say, in this season of life I am thankful for close proximity. Beth, who is graduating from college two weeks from today and who works ALL the time as a Merchandise Manager at Barnes and Noble, has been such a blessing in my first two and a half weeks.

Whenever she has time off work and no school work to do, she comes to hang out. Last night, her mom & my Aunt Sharon, came to stay with Grandma so that I could have a night out. I often get out during the day with Grandma or to run a quick errand but going out at night is a treat.

Here are just a few moments we captured from a great night out!

This is so fitting for the two of us... I love her personality.

We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Musashi's Japanese Steakhouse thanks to our amazing (non-Asian) chef Curtis. Too bad he was only 20.

Edamame anyone?

This was my first attempt at actual raw fish... Rainbow Crunch Roll (I think). It was AMAZING!!!!

Modeling the super cute antlers at Michael's. We considered purchasing them.

A little excited about being out on a Friday night.

We eventually returned home and began working on her graduation announcements while enjoying (you guessed it) a Hallmark movie.
Thanks Beffy for a fun night out and thanks Aunt Sharon for hanging with Grandma!

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Anonymous said...

yea! i'm honored to be in your blog! love you, beffy

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