Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Time Last Year...

I had been in Egypt for one week.

I was living in a flat (apartment) on the fourth floor with NO air conditioning.
I had a cat. I hate cats. with a passion.

I missed my family and friends like crazy (and was VERY thankful for Skype).

I had listened to my Bunny Emmy say "I love you Aunt Rachel" approximately 1,327 times.

I was SO grateful for Kristen, a girl from Tennessee, that was also serving with the Sports Team... we are now amazing friends.
I had no idea what the following six months would hold for me or my family.

I had never heard of ALICT.

I had never imagined I would be going to South Africa. ever.

I was not prepared for what God had planned. (are we ever?)

It is hard to believe that I have been home for almost seven months now. The last few days I have been able to talk with a few friends on Skype. It has been so wonderful to reflect on the journey, laugh as we re-live memories, and share what God is doing in our lives now.

The friendships that were formed during my time in Egypt and South Africa are more than just friendships. They are family. These are the people that I spent everyday with while I was away from home. They prayed for my sister as she was put on bed rest and then for Madelyn as she fought to breath the first couple of weeks of her life. We shared so much together and will forever remain connected because of the bond of Christ.

I am grateful for the journey and look forward to what God is doing each and every day through their lives. To say that God is good seems like such an understatement. Thankfully, His definition of good makes my definition of good look awful.

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my hope and dreams journey said...

From east to west we've met in South Africa. I'm forever grateful to have the opportunity to meet you. Please give everyone who has let you come to africa a big hug from me.

And spent three months with you is the amazing stories ever. I don't know how many diet coke, nik nak, pop corn that we've shared in the crazy adventures that we've never thought we would experience with people that we've never known before who have became our big family around the world.

Thank's for the friendship and family bonding. I never could hold my smile every time i remember you and each of every 27 other crazy people (it's 27 then it is including me :D).

You are a blessing to me. Thank you once again to let me become part of your life and family with struggling together in prayers and tears (and also in smiles now) for the miracle baby.

And it's an honor to know you as a sister.

Love you,

Caroline - Indonesia

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ALICT 2009
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